Eagle Eye VMS

Cloud video surveillance allows for a flexible security system your team can monitor from anywhere in the world.

Eagle Eye VMS

Flexible CCTV solutions
As a certified Eagle Eye CCTV VMS systems provider, we frequently get appreciative feedback from our clients that engage in this highly valuable integration. Eagle Eye amps up your video surveillance with cloud-based management to view live, recorded, or in-time video from anywhere you happen to be.

Many of our clients do not need or want to have active security monitoring at their specific organization’s building. This could be because of financial restrictions or simply low traffic times of the day. However, they still need a robust CCTV system that is compatible with different current and legacy cameras.

Eagle Eye is compatible with over 10,000 cameras. It lowers the cost-prohibitive upfront cost to seamlessly integrate into hundreds of security systems. This helps organizations, businesses, and residences accelerate security operations without sacrificing currently installed cameras. That means you can scale any time you have a greater need for protecting sensitive areas or temporary locations.

Part of why we at Alkantek are so successful in our installations is because we offer cutting edge, flexible, and scalable solutions like our Eagle Eye CCTV products.

About Our Process

We are BICSI members, meaning we take pride in ensuring every installation meets the highest standards possible. This is incredibly important for our Eagle Eye installation as they provide instantaneous live feeds that may need some adjusting to ensure complete visible monitoring of your sensitive rooms, data centers, egress/ingress, and high traffic areas.


  • Easily add new cameras without replacing your legacy equipment
  • Adjust camera retention and resolution from the dashboard
  • Add features and functionality to your already existing security system
  • Flexible storage in the cloud, on-site, or through hybrid

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How Can We Help?

Florida is a unique state with a vibrant business environment requiring all kinds of services. Our cabling company understands and wants to find the best possible solution for your needs. Time to improve your communication and security. Time for Alkantek!
Does Eagle Eye provide payment options?
Yes, Eagle Eye can offer payment options that fit any budget. This is why we often suggest Eagle Eye as a solution for smaller companies or organizations like schools, government buildings, and public service locations that may have to work the costs into their annual budgets.
What type of cabling services do you provide?
We have been contracted for fiber optics, structured cabling, network cabling, WiFi networks, DAS, fusion splicing, copper wire, IT infrastructure, Cat network varieties, and so much more. In addition, our team is fully licensed and insured to ensure your safe installation.
Can I combine networking and security projects?

Yes! In fact, most of our clients prefer to upgrade their communication networking capabilities through our cabling company while also installing CCTV cameras and access controls simultaneously.

Will you train my team how to use everything?

We provide turn-key installation of everything we do on a project. While we are happy to offer maintenance packages, our best solution is always to involve your team, so you feel empowered by our solutions.

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