About Us

Alkantek is dedicated to improving the communication and security needs of clients around Florida and beyond. We offer professional, experienced, and detail-oriented network cabling service and security improvements.

What We Do

Design & Installation

Our technicians can create an innovative system to ensure advanced communication capabilities for your building.

Integrative Security

We can customize access controls and surveillance security systems to fit the unique needs of your properties.

Premium Client Service

Every project completed by our team is turn-key and finished at our personal level of expertise for your satisfaction.

Who We Are

For years, our experienced team at Alkantek has serviced Florida businesses, government, and commercial properties with advanced cabling and security features. We stay on the forefront of technology to ensure our projects are fully scalable, reduce congestion, and are prepared to scale for future innovations.

We are locally owned and operated and understand the unique climate, environment, and cultural demands of every project we complete. Our team values a good day’s hard work and takes pride in watching a client’s appreciation when the project goes online. We also specialize in Brivo access control and Eagle Eye CCTV products that enhance your location security and operational peace of mind.


With a growing list of return and referral clients, we do our best to keep our reputation as pristine as possible. That is why we offer the best possible services that improve your communication and security. From helping elementary school students get online education to ensuring government property is safe and secure, our team at Alkantek is here for you.

We are BICSI members following the highest possible industry standards and best practices with an RCDD on staff for any custom installation designs or estimate needs.

Our Values


Community Partnerships

We maintain an extensive list of local contractors and qualified experts to supplement our services whenever necessary. We receive so many projects because we are willing to collaborate with essential local experts who expand our capabilities.


Cutting Edge Technology

Every installation must meet our lofty standards. That means only using premium materials that have been quality tested before being integrated into your business, or commercial property.


Professional Respect

We keep things simple. Every interaction is meant to be professional, respectful, and following the golden rule – to treat people the way we would want to be treated. This ensures we can provide our services to any client of any size.

Feet of Cable

Properties Secured

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